To boost your career, make sure you learn to say NO


So you set boundaries… with colleagues, clients, partners  etc.

NO is a powerful word, and it is way more difficult to say it than a YES.

It may sound a paradox but when it comes to your career it is important.

We struggle to say no to a job maybe because of the name of the company, even if we are very aware that the role will not make us happy.

As consultants we struggle to say no to projects because we are afraid to lose a client.

As colleagues we struggle to say no to other team members because simply we do not want to disappoint them.

But true fact is that by  just saying NO you set limits.

Just with a proper NO in the right time you define your position in your career and this by default will give you more respect and value from others.

I recently faced a couple of important situations where I found myself saying no to working proposals I knew would not fit me.

I knew since the beginning that it was going to be an unbalanced situation by me over giving and the company demanding.

I doubted at first as the company was well known and the “name dropping” syndrome caught me for a moment.

But then I remembered the “me first” principal. Which has nothing to do with being selfish, no.

When it comes to your career it is a mandatory factor to grow and improve.

You need to always be honest with yourself and avoid to put yourself in situations where you will feel uncomfortable and frustrated sooner or later.

So a NO does not mean being rude, what it means is that you are aware of your value, and if a situation or proposal does not meet your worth, well, then NO is the answer.