Financial stability is achieved when you pay yourself first…


I’ve just finished to do yoga and this concept came so clear into my mind that I dropped out of the yoga mat and right into my computer to write!


Like every human on Earth, I have had my highs and lows when it comes to financial matters, first as an employee ad then as a business owner.


In the last years I have learnt so much about the financial universal laws, the fact that money is energy, an exchange of value and how it is connected to how you value yourself and some other important concepts that I will share with you soon as I am writing a full chapter about this in my second book!  🙂


But there is one mandatory thing we need to be aware and implement when it comes to achieving financial stability and it is the concept of paying yourself first…


You know they say “you can not give from an empty vase”…


Let me explain you this better, for years I paid “others” first, banks, suppliers, government, clients… all.


Leaving myself, my needs, often times uncovered which created in me a lack mentality thinking there is NEVER ENOUGH money, and you know what I often say, where you put the focus it expands, so I attracted more of that, LACK.


If you pay yourself first which means, paying your needs: rent, groceries, wants and THEN all the rest, you are taking care of yourself by giving self-love and worthiness, you are saying to yourself “hey, you deserve it” and then you are creating an abundance mindset as you are seeing ENOUGH everywhere!


I know sometimes it is hard to do this, as business owners you may have months where you need to pay taxes and suppliers and many other things, I am not saying not to do it, but make sure you cover yourself and your needs first.


In this society we tend to give priority to others and external situations rather than opposite which is us!


And this my friends will lead in just one thing: struggle.


Pay yourself first, always, make sure your food, your rent, your health and your emotional needs are covered and you will achieve financial stability, money will flow to you quickly and easy.





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