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  • My dear friends, 
    Years ago I discovered the power of workbooks and I fell in love right away with this beautiful and useful didactics tool.
    As you know, we often send free resources developed in workbooks with the methodology we create to support fashion professionals on achieving balance, well-being and career/life fulfillment thanks to the bridges between spiritual practice, business, and fashion.
    We create this section with useful free resources for you that we will be updating and renewing often, as our goal is to support you.
    How to use the workbooks? 
    I recommend you if possible to avoid printing them and work on them as a PDF in order to go through all the exercises and resources.
    If you do print them, please try to do it in a mindful way, by sewing recycle paper.
    You can go through the material as much as you need and wish as these resources are spiritual, Mentoring and well-being tips that will be always useful, no matter the point in your life you find yourself.
    Thank you always, 
    Farah Liz 
    A Present for You:


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    A Present for You:


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    A Present for You:


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