Why are we so afraid about them? Isn’t it through changes that we evolve?

But as humans we are made of habits, we like the comfort of the things we already know, so when we go through changes, we go far away from our comfort zone and this scares us…

It applies to everything. Fashion as well.

As I always say, fashion is made by people. And as humans we behave and react in similar ways.

At the moment we are facing an industry that is seeking new ways to develop but that is not “really” willing to change. So how they expect to do it? What are we afraid of? Losing status? Losing what we already know for so well? For so long?

During the years, it was through changes and through courage that this industry has improved itself.


Taking risks and following  visions. It all starts in our heads, we create it first there and then in the material world. We are creators of our reality.

I’ve faced many changes in my life, some personal, some professional. Regarding the last ones, every time I took the courage to not fight the change and see it as an opportunity to grow and evolve it pays hundred-fold.

In this industry we need to be willing to reinvent ourselves. Constantly. By having an “eye” in what surrounds us and how society is changing and not being afraid to do so.

Remember, change is good. And if you are afraid in front of the change, even better.

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