I read once that  direction is better than speed…

What I mean by direction is to have clear focus on where we are going.

We often forget this. We allow small everyday’s issues to take away our focus from the direction we had previously undertaken…

In both, personal and professional paths…

To be aware of what you want, is the key to trace the road, to achieve your goals.

We often let others drive us in life, because it is comfortable, and even safe, but by doing this we are living someone else’s life, not ours.

Direction implies focus, implies clarity and  motivation, not confusion, laziness and fear.

Nowadays it is so easy to get lost because we live in a society full of distractions, we are constantly bombarded with information.

What I do when I feel that I am losing the point, I  simply stop and find time for me, so to nourish myself. I meditate and remember all the things I really want to achieve and the direction I have to take to find them, I make reset and clean all the unnecessary.

A simple yet powerful technique.

Just give it a try, and focus on your direction in life, North, South, East or West, it does not matter as long as it is your choice.

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