Status, let’s see first what is the dictionary meaning of it:

Status : an accepted or official position, especially in a social group:

The association works to promote the status of retired people as useful members of the community. 

So this is what the dictionary says.

Now I’ll tell you the meaning in the fashion industry: “playing the same game everyone else is playing”.

This is of course  my personal view of it.

In this industry, it seems you achieve the “status” when you go to the same places, dress the same clothes, do the same things and know the same people, the “right ones “ or as they wish to be called “the influencers”.

In other words, you need to be part of the mass that follows.


The question is, what about self-expression? Isn’t it what fashion is about? Creativity  & self expression?

In my opinion, to keep this sector alive and moving forward together with new times and society needs, it is important to have the courage and freedom to stand out of the crowd.

Follow if you want to follow, there is no problem in that. But not because it is the way to be “in”.

It is very difficult to go against the flow in this sector, specially if you work in it, believe me, I know it, I struggle with it every day but self- expression is passion. And remember that passion is what moves creativity.

The best “creative thinkers” fashion industry has had and still has nowadays are those who were not afraid to be different. They simply do not compromise with the “status quo” of this industry.

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