A little about me…

I began this consultancy journey in 2009  after working many years as a fashion designer for women’s wear and accessories for some of the most important fashion luxury brands. My consultancy services  started as a trend researcher for a well known UK based  fashion trend research company, in addition to this I developed as well  services as business advisor, collection manager, project leader & lecturer.

I had the opportunity to collaborate with both Italian and international brands, retailers, fashion institutions and top fashion schools of the industry.

As I look back, I feel grateful and blessed to have had the opportunity to work with amazing people and companies while building my business and enjoying so much all the projects created together.

I have a background in Law studies that I took when living in Madrid prior entering in the fashion industry, and after that in Fashion Design & Management that I studied both in London and in Madrid.

After almost 17 years in the fashion industry,  my business continues to evolve and a new chapter  starts, including a holistic & systemic approach in the projects I take care of, putting the human aspect as center of the whole and combining the fashion business expertise with spiritual self-development to give clients and projects the best support possible to achieve their goals. Therefore I recently  undertook studies in Mentoring and Systemic Business Management to better support my clients and business.

As I often say, my goal is to help you achieve yours and hopefully together we will create better resources and healthy environments to help improve  the fashion industry.