A little about me…

If you asked me why I choose to work in the fashion industry, a couple of years ago, I would say because of the craft.

Today, If you ask me the same question I will tell you because of people.

The craft is not possible without the people, creativity is not possible without intuition and magic is not possible without the soul.

I began this consultancy journey in 2009 after working many years as a fashion designer for women’s wear and accessories for some of the most important fashion luxury brands: Delpozo, Dolce & Gabbana among others….

My consultancy services started as a trend researcher, collection manager & lecturer and I had the opportunity to collaborate with both Italian and international brands, retailers and fashion institutions of the industry.

After almost 20 years in the fashion industry, my business continues to evolve with a holistic & systemic approach in the projects I take care of, putting the human aspect as center of the whole and combining the fashion business expertise with spiritual, well-being and self-development to give clients and projects the best support possible to achieve their goals.

Today, and after all this incredible life-experiences, I am a Fashion Mentor, a Nomad Entrepreneur and a Happy Author and my goal is to help you achieve yours and hopefully together we will create healthier environments to help improve the fashion industry.

Last year my career beautifully evolved thanks to my first book Fashion.Business.Spirituality: a call to the light workers of the
fashion industry
and it is thanks to the amazing community of people that this message created that I decided to launch the online platform so to develop resources for you, to help you! And together help our beautiful industry, that we all love even if sometimes it make break us.

Thank you for
all your love and support,