It’s been already a couple of years that I decided to cultivate  what coaches call “an abundance mind-set”.

It has not been easy, for sure.

Specially at the beginning, I struggled with clearing all those negative limiting believes I have created in my mind during years and years of social brainwash…

Did you know that by the age of 8 as human beings, we had heard the word NO a 70% more than the word YES? Crazy, isn’t it?

Already this says all.

Cultivating an abundance mind-set can be your Ninja sword in this world where most of the people tend to see the bottle half empty rather than full.

The truth is that the bottle will always be both, empty as well as full, the difference and YOUR power is the choice of how to see it.

Isn’t it amazing? Yes, we have the choice.

In every situation there is lack as well as abundance, but believe me, what makes a huge difference is you choose to see all negative or positive.

And I am not talking to not be realistic in life, this is one thing, to be negative is  completely another.

I think I say it many times, where you focus it expands.

And I have experienced myself, you focus in good, you attract good.

You focus in bad, you attract bad.


Remember we are made of energy, so in a way we react as batteries.

I truly recommend you to try one week, just one week, to have positive thoughts, see abundance in all and to detox your mind of negativity and this includes the TV and the news!!

And you will notice, feel and experience different, good things will come for sure.

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