As a consultant make sure you leave clear this my friend.


I began my consultancy business back in end of 2009.


At the beginning my activity was more focused on “doing” and so, management.


Clients hired me to develop and manage all those duties that actually they didn’t want to deal with.


But as my business grew, as I started showing results to clients also based on the strategies I proposed and as years passed by and my profile achieved seniority it naturally passed from less management aka “being the Rottweiler” projects to strategy and development which include of course advising and mentoring.


Today and after almost 17 years in the fashion industry, 9 of those with my consultancy studio, my services are focused on strategy and development which include: advising, mentoring and contact providing services.


But as all stages of our professional career have areas to struggle with, today one of my biggest challenges is to “train” clients to what advising and mentoring is.


Either they believe is coaching or a sort of new way of calling management.


And it is not.


It’s about leading. It’s about showing the way to open new paths in order to increase results.


This is my poetical version of it of course.


In a more pragmatic way it is telling clients what they should and should not do strategically wise and based on years of expertise to avoid spending unnecessary money, time and resources. It is about connecting them with the industry and gaining awareness of who they are and where they stand inside the business system.


But it is not, at all… babysitting.


Clients, brands, companies have to take responsibility of their business.


So as all of us that operate in this industry do.


As a consultant I can not be responsible for their decisions.


I love my job, love my business and love to be in service to others so to help them achieve their results, and I will continue to give my best to support for them to take action and responsibility.

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