There is something I want to share with you this week.


Something I was aware recently, and never before.


We all know how powerful emotions are, but what many of us are not fully aware (and I include myself until this week) is that emotions allow us to connect with the world and with life itself.


In a society where “the mind” is the dictator and often emotions are seen as “bad”, we often do not allow us to “feel” but we just focus to “think”.


Feeling creates a connection between YOU and what surrounds you, so this means it grounds you with life.


Due to personal experiences I learnt this week to pay attention more to what I feel than to what I think. As feelings use the magnificent tool of the body, and the body doesn’t lie, whatever you feel is real, VS what you may think that is more often an illusion your mind creates based on your limiting believes.


Emotions needs to be like experiences, they come and go. It is important not to “hold” on emotions as they may create blocks inside of you, but yes to allow them, be aware of them and grateful.


In simple words, when you want to cry, do so, to laugh do so, to scream do so. As long as you do not hurt anyone, allow that energy to pass through you, acknowledge and embrace it and listen what your body feels about it. Do not hold it, but use it as an amazing tool of connection between you and life itself.

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