To be honest with you I do not fully understand what a coach is.


I know it implies to motivate others, yes, but in a more detailed way I do not know what it is as I haven’t studied to be one.


The problem with the “coaching “ services nowadays, is that many people that haven’t the skills or the training to do so are selling these services. And I personally find this very annoying.


Lately I’ve been called many times “fashion coach”and I was very surprised!


Once more, like in almost everything in life, are others the ones to label us. I haven’t put any name to how my professional path is evolving. All I am doing is following my intuition and embracing the new ways of communication which include public speaking, social media and videos.


My big “big reason why” since the beginning was to motivate, lead and help others achieve their goals in the fashion industry. In order to do this I apply my almost 15 years of experience (gosh, I am getting so old!!) in this fashion industry.


I consider myself an expert, yes, as I have enough experience to say that I know the dynamics of this sector like my ears!


But I suppose others see in me the “coaching” skills as well, and voilà the name-drop appeared more than once already.


In any case, I am so happy and blessed to see that you guys value what I work hard to create for you, that you appreciate the fact that I really want to help you overcome difficulties in this industry and that together we will create better business environments to improve all.


More fashion business tips, advices and insights are on the way, and I am working to create better platforms where we can share all this together.


So yes, if you wish, I am your fashion /coach/expert friend, ready to be in service for you!

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