I just came back from a trip to solve some family issues.

As per every Sunday I sat in front of the computer to write the week post for the blog.

Nothing happened.

I was about 10 minutes in front of the Word document without anything to say.

I felt empty

Currently it’s a complicated period. Lots of changes  and lots of heart breaking moments.

But I somehow do not see this as negative. I feel like somehow I ask for those changes to come and I am ready for the new beginnings that are arriving. I see all as an enormous opportunity.

Don’t get me wrong, I need a hug and I need comfort, but I am not willing to put myself into the “comfortable” victim place.

I choose to be happy no matter what.

Saying this I feel like everything has changed.

I feel empty because a part of me is aware that a door has closed, and back to that door, unhealthy habits, people and situations.

I’ve heard many times the quote of a “new chapter to write”, a blank canvas where to paint new existing adventures, memories and experiences.

So I question myself, now what?

Am I supposed to say goodbye to all in a sharp way and start everything new?

Of course not.

But what I am totally sure about is that whatever is in my life at the moment, specially people and habits, that are not meant to be in this new chapter of my life, life itself will remove them.

We are made of energy and we attract the energy, in shape and form of thing and people, that have our same vibration.

I can not help to feel that my energy has changed, and so will everything that surrounds me.

And I am ready and looking forward to it.

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