What other people say, for instance…


We live in a society where we tend to compare to each other, constantly. We focus more on what the neighbour is doing instead of focusing on our own life, career or relationships.


All this leads to one of the most toxic feelings of all, envy.


If you envy others, you are sending the signal to the universe saying “I hate that he/or she has that and I don’t” so what you actually are getting back is actually that, the lack of not having what you want.


So if you don’t manage to get happy for others, at least do not envy others, believe me, it will pay ten-fold.


My advice? Apply the “who cares what others do or say” system. It is ok to watch others to get motivated, but stop at that point and focus on your own stuff.


As I always say, I can be responsible for my actions but not for what others think about my actions, so therefore I try my best to make each decision from the heart and not from fear or insecurity by caring what others will say or, worst, not say.
So again, if you notice that you are paying more attention and energy to the feedbacks of others instead of your project, life or future, be aware and redirect your feelings into something positive rather than reactive.

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