What is a PP person? Simply, a people pleaser…


Some other call it a “yes” person.


Are you?


If so, worry not, we are all people pleasers, the difference stands in how many people you persist to please.


It is not ok but yes it may happen that you have the need to please your family and friends all the time. And if you do so, I encourage you to work on that and put limits to your loved ones.


But if you have the tendency to do it with almost everyone, work mates, people you randomly meet, then you have a problem.


What lies in the bottom of the problem is simply the lack of love toward yourself based on the lack of love you have received in life.


Giving your time, space, energy constantly to others is the same of giving love to others. And if you don’t give love to yourself first, it drowns your energy.


Don’t get me wrong, it is perfectly ok to give love in this world, actually it is what we all came here to do in a way.


But just giving to complete a void in you without allowing to receive love at the same time will only make the void grow bigger.


Today my advice is that you observe your behavior with others, analyze it and try to understand how well you balance the time and energy you give or if you just constantly please others to have affection without giving it to yourself first.



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