June is one of those “fashion months” as many people call them…


We have shows, trade shows, events, sales campaigns, there is a lot happening because of the launch of collections.


Last week there was a big show in Florence where I live, one of the most relevant of the industry and I had the opportunity to observe dynamics and interactions.


As you already know my friend, my goal is to develop as much material as possible to support professionals in the fashion industry so every time there is a gathering, for me it is important to analyze how people react to environments.


As I am in the fashion industry since already 20 years, I see people running up and down in a very hectic way, from shows to events, to business appointments and so on.


We run, run and run, fighting with a calendar that concentrates all in one week, or one month.


It is simply crazy and insane. And we all know this and we all allow this.


But what I noticed specially is that we were all disconnected. Yes, simply disconnected.


We act in autopilot mode. Like if we had a sort of programme set and we simply “know” what we have to do, and where we have to go but without any intention at all.


Dragging ourselves from one point to another.


Disconnected from what we truly are doing.


Now why is this? Why we are often operating from inertia in the fashion industry?


Simple, because what we are truly disconnected from is ourselves.


If we are not in connection with what our true desires are, then we can not appreciate or connect with anything external to us, no job, no family and friends, no anything!


I was very much aware this month of how many people in the fashion industry are in constant “lack” mode, disconnected from what their true essence is, and as a result not living their life and their careers to the fullest.


This is a simple post in a blog my friend, and there is so much to be said regarding this concept as I truly believe it is crucial to support us first to support  best the industry we have created, but today I felt the urge to discuss this with you, and for today all I ask you is to reflect about this by creating an internal dialogue with yourself and try to be as much honest as possible, I know it will be difficult, been there… but once you gain clarity, the positive shift will  start to happen… I promise.






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