Let me explain this better.


Envy is human. Very human.


And as long as you will live inside a human body, you will envy others and others will envy you.


But yes, of course, I agree with you, envy is by far one of the most toxic feelings we have.


And it really sucks!


If you add to this the fact that you are that type of person that “others” always envy, it is very hard to crop.


I get you, been there. To me the most difficult pill to swallow is when who I consider “friends” envy me, either myself, my choices… they envy the result but do not pay attention to the hard work behind that result. It is very frustrating.


Now, let me give you a few advices that will help you level this:


1.What lies behind envy is fear. Fear of not having what the other has. And fear comes from pain and insecurity. If someone envies you, chances are they are feeling a lot of pain with the thing or subject they feel envy with.

Send them love, simple as this.


2.Some of us, because of our character most probably suffers form envy from others.

If you look secure, people want that. If you look happy, people want that, if you achieve your goals, people will want this as well.

So, accept it, own it and let it go.


3.Now, you will find yourself envy others as well, because like we said, it is human. But you know what happens when you envy ANYTHING that others have? You push that what you envy away…..LITERALLY! Because the universe says  “oh, well, so you don’t want it because you HATE that she has it, right?“ Yes, this is what happens.

So for difficult that it may sound, you see others being happy with that what you want? FEEL HAPPY FOR THEM and send them love.


Today I felt like sharing this with you, I hope this words resonate with the ones that envy too much, and the ones that feel frustrated with. In any case, to all, avoid as much as possible envy in your life.


It will draw your energy.


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