Voices of Fashion on Mental Health


My dear friends,


today this post is not about any tip or advice, directly, but to share with you an amazing event that ICAAD is organizing in London on December 6th 2018.


The event is a Mental Health Conference where we will be exploring: how can we best support creativity and mental health within the Fashion Industry.


As you know, and after the launch of my book “Fashion. Business. Spirituality: a call to the light workers of the fashion industry” I decided to participate and collaborate with people, companies and institutions that want to help the fashion industry evolve into a more healthier one.


I am thrilled and honoured to participate in the round table and panel of discussion of the event together with amazing professionals such as Lillie Naor, Anabel Maldonado http://www.tpof-thepsychologyoffashion.com and Fabian Hirose https://www.fabianhirose.com among other amazing professionals.


As I said many times, it is about time that we take action and discuss openly about all the issues that are affecting our industry. It is not about pointing the fingers but to take responsibility about the problematics that we are facing becuse if we do not become conscious and mindful about it and take action, then we become part of the problem as well.


In case you will be in London, I am sharing here the link to the event, I would love to meet you and see you there!


Thank you Icaad for the opportunity!




When you help others easily but struggle to help yourself…


If you choose the career of being in service to others, then you understand what I am talking about, right my friend?


Sometimes it is frustrating, sometimes you feel even angry with yourself.


When for you it’s simply so natural to help others achieve their goals, succeed, evolve, find balance and happiness… but you often struggle to help yourself…


When I reached my mid 30’s I started teaching at fashion schools by case, I was offered to teach in a course for creating accessories collections, and then all became clear to me.


I knew I was “designed” to teach, to mentor and to guide.


I simply love it, it brings so much joy to my heart to help my students, my clients and the companies or institutions I collaborate with to grow.


As a mentor specialized in professional and entrepreneurship mentoring I often work on incubation and acceleration programs, and one of the most beautiful things I am so grateful for is that the success of my clients will bring success to the world as well.


But if from one side, I may say I have a successful career, and achieve great goals for both my clients and directly or indirectly for myself, not often this is the same when it comes to the personal aspects of my life.


As per every other human being I had to face loss, heartbreak, loneliness among others and as much as I can bring healing to others, it is so hard for me to bring healing to myself.


In all these situations, spirituality has always been a great support, that keeps me grounded and balanced and rooted when the storms of life come. But I always found so curious these “two faces of the coin”, being  able to help others avoid struggles of life, and not being able to help myself to do the same.


Last week I had a call with one of my best friends, she has been a guide to me, a mentor for more than 20 years, and she mentioned: “Farah, this is how it is supposed to be, you learn how to help others thanks to the struggles you had to face in life… so by overcoming these struggles you can show the way to others… you are leading, and to lead is often lonely… but this is the path you chose”. After talking to her all became clear, this is the path I chose.


We are all teachers in this world, some of us choose to teach others professionaly and some personally, some choose to be leaders in some areas of our life and some choose to be lead by others. It is always a giving and receiving process, and it is what makes us evolve.


What my friend told me gave me clarity in one thing, I am always  so focused on helping others that I do not allow myself to ask for help when I need it, and as I am human, I need help sometimes like everyone else.


So today, once more, I am so grateful for the awareness and the clarity this message gave me and as Gabby Bernstein says “the Universe has your back”, when you need an answer it will always come to you,  most of the time, in the form of a friend or a loved one, if you allow yourself to ask for help"...



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The beauty of taking decisions


There is always a sort of anxious feeling when we think we need to take decisions in our life.


We feel the pressure of not fully knowing if it is going to be the right one or the wrong one. There is always a sort of fear to the unknown and often we tend to procrastinate, avoid them and giving the power to others to make those decisions for us which is wrong, very wrong.


By doing so we are giving our power away.


The problem with decision making is that often we do not give ourselves the proper time to take them. To reflect and analyze all the cause-effect of the decisions we are about to take.


We are so obsessed with the need to rush and decide things in a fast pace which is here where the problem starts.


By not giving yourself proper time to reflect on the decision, most likely it will lead to not positive results.


A week ago I found myself in the situation of making more than one important decision in my life. I felt the pressure, the need to rush and my urge of avoiding the problem. Like all of us. As we are human, we try to avoid pressure.


But at one point I realized something. The power of being able to take decisions. To have the freedom to decide my life at my terms. How powerful is that? Think about it for a moment. There are millions of people in different parts of the world that simply do not have the freedom to decide about their lives.


They either live in societies that oppress them or in social situations that do so.


Every time we need to make a choice in our life we have the power to do so.


This is called free will, and it is also written in the Bible!


So my advice today my friend is that when you feel the pressure and the need to decide, switch the mindset all the way around. And reflect for a moment, how lucky you are to have the free will, the freedom of choice and the right to make decisions to lead your life.


Breath, take your time and reflect before you make those choices.



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When your purpose is to help others but you struggle to put yourself “out there”... and the picture above shows it!


The picture of this post is the previous head shot of the author’s picture of my book.


You can tell how nervous I was...


I’ve been reflecting on this for long time...


Since I decided to write the book, I realize that there will be a point where I had to put myself out there so to reach the community I want to support and help.


I started this path by chance, I never planned to write a book, I never planned to teach and mentor, I studied to become a fashion designer, so it was far away my plans what I found myself doing today with passion and love...


But as a friend of mine says, “life is more fantastic than a movie” and yes, it is, my friends. If we look back and see how the experiences, the goods and bads, as well as our choices and the people we encounter had put us in the path we are walking today, it will amaze us!


Just recently I’ve realized that my true calling in life is to teach. To mentor, to guide.


I do this in everything related to my  business, with companies and clients, at schools and institutions and with all the material I share and develop for the community of Fashion Light Workers I am building to help improve our fashion industry.


And I LOVE every aspect of it and every moment.


But what I was not prepared to, was the communication part of it. I was prepared to lead, yes, to drive, yes, and to stand up for what I believe, but I was not prepared to put myself out there on the media so to reach as many people as possible that need my support and want to join the movement.


So today I am sharing with you a secret, that I’ve been struggling, and I must say, a lot with this, with every interview, picture, video or event I had to speak at. I literally didn’t know how to manage hearing my voice, seeing my picture and acknowledge the woman that I was reflecting to others.


Today I realize that this is something many of us that choose the path of mentoring, or public speaking as a tool to help others, are struggling with. Specially us women, where society constantly “impose“ you how to look, talk, weight and behave.


So today I am writing this post to share with the ones that may need it, my secret. The magical tool I am using to avoid the struggle and the blocks of becoming a sort of “public persona” so to continue creating the movement and the projects I am building to help and improve the industry I am in.




Show yourself as YOU ARE. Period.


Do not create a costume, a fake character or something that you are not.


Vulnerability is the key.


If you do not usually use make up, well do not use it, period. If you don’t usually wear high heels, well, do not use them, if you do not speak  certain way or walk in a certain way, do not do it! Simply be who you are, in a honest and open heart way.


For example, I realize that video is a great tool for me to reach the people that I want to support and help, what I call my community of Fashion Light Workers, so when I do my videos I speak as if I was doing a Face Time with a friend! When I feel the urge to give a message I simply take the phone and tape it!  It could be on the street, at home with my dog or when I am travelling for work!


Today my friends, I thought to share this information with you, because same as I have been doing it so far, I choose to write every struggle I am finding in the way as I know many people out there are facing similar situations, and if I was able to made it, so you can!


This post is larger that the average, but I felt it had to be, so to arrive with the right meaning and the right words, hopefully to you, the one that is facing similar situations.


Put yourself out there, as YOU ARE, it will benefit many others.


Thank you,




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When the Universe is your business partner

I had two business partners in my life.


In both cases the relationship was unbalanced and based on fear.


Fear of not having success, fear of wanting constantly money and focusing all on the ego.


In both cases it ended pretty bad, with lots of suffering for both parties.


Then life put me in the spiritual path, and I understood the real reason of all these painful experiences: growth.


I learnt about myself, my path on life and my true calling and it was then when my REAL business partner appeared: the Universe.


You can call it God, light, life, or Universe, whatever you believe in.


The best partner someone can have, the one that will never abuse you or steal you, will never take profit over you but instead choose you so to create together a business that will have a positive impact in the world. The one that has always your back no matter what.


As I often say, the best business is the one good for you, good for your client and good for the world.


And the Universe knows this well.


Today I am sharing my personal story so to help you to reflect on yours.


It does not matter if you are an employee or an employer, what business partner do you choose to have?


You may have already an amazing one, if so I encourage you both to allow a third one, the Universe, the infinite source, to partner with you so to be guided in the best decisions you can make for your business to help improve the world.


Steve Jobs used to meditate 20 minutes before making any business decision, and this is because he had clear who his first partner was, the Universe.


If you are in business reflect on this my friend and it will open to you an abundant world of opportunities.



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The need of professional redemption in the fashion industry


Since I started my consultancy business in 2009 I have seen hundreds of times projects based on the need of professional redemption.


Clients, companies, brands, all with the same need at the base, confirm their value as professionals by creating products or projects as a form of professional redemption for the fashion industry.


I know, I know, all this may sound strange, please allow me to explain it better.


Most of us, after years of being treated unrespectfully in the fashion system, when we arrive to the point of burn out and decide that maybe our path is to open a brand, a company or simply freelancing, what lies beneath is a desperate need of redemption, of showing “others” what we were not recognized during our years as employees in the fashion companies we were working in.


But this my friends is the wrong motivation.


If you decide to become a business owner or a consultant just to “SHOW” others you are capable, you most likely will fail doing so.


The motivation behind such a big decision must be the one of service.


Yes, exactly. Service to others.


The base of a good product or service is that it helps solve your clients problems. Simple as this.


So today I am talking to you, my fellow peer in the fashion industry, the one that probaly has been thinking in opening a brand or become a consultant, question yourself, from which place you are making this decision? From the ego driven one? Because you want to show the industry you are a good designer or professional? Do you need the industry approval? And if so why?


If you’ve been in this industry for years already, you do not have to prove anything to anyone my friend, you already made it.


Rather question yourself how your ideas, that will become products or services, may help your potential customer or clients to solve their needs, if you start a business from this perspective, then, it will become a success. Promise.


And if you need me, I am here to help you do it.



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Are you a PP person?


What is a PP person? Simply, a people pleaser…


Some other call it a “yes” person.


Are you?


If so, worry not, we are all people pleasers, the difference stands in how many people you persist to please.


It is not ok but yes it may happen that you have the need to please your family and friends all the time. And if you do so, I encourage you to work on that and put limits to your loved ones.


But if you have the tendency to do it with almost everyone, work mates, people you randomly meet, then you have a problem.


What lies in the bottom of the problem is simply the lack of love toward yourself based on the lack of love you have received in life.


Giving your time, space, energy constantly to others is the same of giving love to others. And if you don’t give love to yourself first, it drowns your energy.


Don’t get me wrong, it is perfectly ok to give love in this world, actually it is what we all came here to do in a way.


But just giving to complete a void in you without allowing to receive love at the same time will only make the void grow bigger.


Today my advice is that you observe your behavior with others, analyze it and try to understand how well you balance the time and energy you give or if you just constantly please others to have affection without giving it to yourself first.



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How the need of control affects your finances and success


Want to know how the need of control affects your finances and success?


Blocking them.


Controlling things or trying to do it “holds” the energy of things by not letting them in and out of your life and by now we all know energy is fluid and this is why it needs to flow, you can’t hold on to it.


The need of controlling things comes from the mind and the illusion of having everything figured out and remember the mind is our ego.


There is actually nothing we can control in life, nothing is really under our control. Planning is one thing, controlling is something different.


Control comes from fear and all that is fear-based comes from lack while letting things flow comes from abundance, from the deep awareness that we are enough and all around us is abundance itself.


I personally have experienced both states, and when I obsess myself with controlling my business and the income I make, punctually I block things, both success and money.


Suddenly there are delays in answers, and unexpected payments pop up!


When I learn to commit with the project or idea and delegate to the universe the result, I punctually experience successful results tenfold! Both in the form of notoriety and money.


My advice today is very simple, commit to the project and let go the need of control to the result, whatever the result will be it is the one meant to be, you will see how abundance flows to you.


Let me know your experiences on this!



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How our energy reacts to the environment


I just recently moved home.


The ones that have moved home know how challenging the process is, joking with a friend the other day I said it must be catalogued as a form of torture!


I have lived in a beautiful home in the old center of Florence for almost a year and a half. The house was perfectly designed with beautiful furniture (not mine, the one from the house owners) and in one of the chic places in town.


But in the last period I lived there I noticed that the house was literally drawing my energy level. The fact that most of the furniture was not mine, the home had not that much light, it was an environment that even if objectively beautiful was not for me.


In the new home I have moved, there is nothing. It is a simple white empty full light box, with a beautiful terrace and I love it!


I literally felt that my energy expanded! And more ideas, strength and insights came right away!


As per other experiences I share with you I am sharing this one as well so to outline the point of how important and crucial is the environment we choose to live in, both home as well as at work.


Specially as creative thinkers, we need to make sure our energy is high in order to properly create.


Working environments are not always in our power to change but the home, room or apartment we live in, yes.


Please pay attention to how your energy reacts to it and try if possible to make adjustments accordingly.



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Create your own definition of success


I haven’t had time to post on the blog in the past weeks.


As some of you may know, I launched a book a couple of weeks ago and it’s been crazy and busy days since then!


All this amazing experience makes me reflect on what my own personal definition of success is, which has nothing to do with the interviews on the press that I got, or the great sales of the book, but it has more to do with having the freedom of writing a book.


Freedom, yes, this is my personal definition of success.


Having the freedom of doing the projects I want to create, and having the time and the resources to do them.


All the rest, what we call the “social success” which is notoriety, money, applauses, are just a result of success, not success itself.


I considered myself a successful person long before all the above was becoming a reality.


I felt successful already when I created my consultancy business almost 9 years ago, when I was able to work in the projects I wanted to, and when I had the freedom to travel all around the world exploring new cultures, places and connecting with amazing people.


Freedom is such a precious thing, we often forget that in some places in the world, many times not that far away, there are people that do not  have freedom of action, expression, or freedom itself.


I suppose my friends, that today from an external eye, I have achieved the social success, but again, I felt successful years ago, and this is what drove me to this point.


Feel it, believe it and then you will see it.


My advice today is that  you create your own personal definition of success, and embrace it, own it and become it. Without external judgement. Feel the successful person you have always been.