Some people think that by being sneaky, you earn or achieve more.

This may give you some results in short term, but for sure not always and not in long term.

In this very competitive and hungry fashion industry, I’ve seen many times, people being sneaky to have advantage in some situations.

From my personal experience, if you are correct and straightforward, this will give you better, and more lasting results for sure, why? Well because no one wants to work with people you can’t trust, specially when it comes to business.

I always say that companies and  projects  are made by people, not robots (yet) so the human factor is everything when it comes to building relationships, and in fashion business, the more transparent you are, the better it will be.

So my advice is the following… If you notice  sneaky people, forget about working with them, this may sound naif, but it is better to avoid working on that project. Do not ever think that you will “manage the situation”, because  the fact is that probably your values are way different from them, and you will not be in syntony when it comes to  build business.

So let them take the big “cake” if they want to, and keep on being correct, believe me, it will pay.


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