I am sure you have experienced this, my friend.


At least once in our lives we all pass through those periods of time when you feel you are stagnant and blocked.


If you work in a such demanding and rushing industry such as the fashion one, these times create a lot of frustration.


You want things to change, you work for things to change, you run and rush and still… nothing happens.


You may wait for answers, calls, confirmations or other external validations to your actions but it seems like the world literally does not see you.


I have experienced myself this many times, specially when big life changes are about to happen.


When I am closing phases and chapters of my life and about to open new ones, big ones, there is a period of void, stillness that occurs.


This is what I call “the Sweet Darkness”.


I do not remember if I’ve read it somewhere or heard it somewhere, but it is the name spiritual practice gives to a period of time where nothing seems to be happening but in reality ALL is happening.


Now, I know what you are thinking, “what Farah?”.


Let me explain you better, my friend, when you place your order to the Universe, to God, to nature, to the light,  whatever you believe in, about something that you really want to achieve and you have also worked and taken action into that direction but still you are not manifesting it and it is not visible or happening in your 3D reality, during this “nothing is happening” period of time, the most important things are happening and it is called ALIGNMENT.


Yes, Alignment.


All the external, magnetic forces, life forces that hold the magic of life, reality and the universal laws that God has created  are putting themselves in alignment to give you what you ask for.


It is not enough for you to be in alignment, it is also necessary for the external energies to be in alignment.


So this period, when you SEE  that nothing is yet manifesting but you FEEL that it is coming, what is happening my friend is that in another energetic level, it is shaping up for you.


And soon, when all the external circumstances are also aligned, then you will finally see it appearing in front of you in your 3D Reality.


This applies to all those things we get so frustrated about when we want them and work for them so hard and take long to manifest, it could be in all areas of your life, professionally or personally but in all cases, this “in between”  space is called the Sweet Darkness and it is teaching you the art of patience and the awareness that we belong to a bigger and magnificent structure that creates, develops and delivers JUST when the perfect alignment happens.


So same as those quotes of Pinterest say my friend, you have to trust the timing of the Universe!



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