And you won’t let distractions take you away from it…

I wish!

I recently had to say NO so many times to projects, free time and vacations, so I could be focused and working on my business.

Sometimes I felt so bad saying no to family and friends that actually I found myself inventing banal excuses, as if I had a secret lover!

But in a way this is what your personal brand or your business is.

As a small entrepreneur you are most likely your own business.

It is simply an extension of you.

So when you are working on it, in order to boost it or to improve it what you actually are doing, as well in an indirect way, is improving yourself.

In simple words, growing.

And growth is mandatory in this life. We are here for this, self development, and self growth.

My business is my passion.  It is the way I want to improve the world I live in and give as much possible to others, through my services and my products.

Passion is key part of it, and love is involved as well.

This is why when I find myself sneaking time and probably taking this time away from other every day things, so I can read that book, write that abstract or design that new course, I feel the adrenaline of living a secret love story.

A secret love affair with my business.

Which is in reality a secret love affair with myself.

And to quote what Diane Von Furstenberg said once “the most important relationship you ever will have is the one with yourself”.

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