This is something I’ve been hearing and thinking a lot lately.

I also have discussed this in class with my students…

How many times do we go to a shopping area, in big cities and even if we want to buy, after a while we do not know what to buy?

We feel overwhelmed, and the reason is because the market is overloaded with products.

For years companies have been saturating the market with lots of unnecessary products.

There is too much offer and less and less demand.

The concept of buying less and buying better is not just linked to ethics in fashion, it is not just about buying products with a conscious production behaviour or supply chain.

Buying better means also, buying what you really need.

It means to review your consuming  mind-set, and review your lifestyle needs.

We become our things, and our things, products and items, get our energy.

We vibrate with the energy we are surrounded with and this means as well our products.

When you buy something good quality, you feel good quality as well.

Worthy products make you feel worthy, it is as simple as this.

I think fashion is in an era of big changes, some brands are already aware of this, some yet not. But we definitely are going to a different direction, where quality takes the place of quantity, where products need to include identity and where “less is more” set a statement.

Like it used to be, in many cultures, many years ago.

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