Why creative people struggle to ask for money for their products and services?


I recently had the opportunity to give a lecture about money management and abundance in a wonderful retreat for creative professionals.


I’ve noticed once more, that creative people struggle to ask money for their products or services, and the ones that are able to ask for it most of the times underprice what they have to offer.


But why is this? Why as creative thinkers and professionals we often feel bad to ask money as an exchange for what we have to offer?


Simple my friends, because of guilt.


Yes, guilt.


When we are able to work on what we consider our passion, our purpose in life, internally a part of us feels that this should be already the reward.


There is a beautiful exchange that comes from love, when we see that another person wants what we have created, and for most of us, this is already enough.


But we forget something crucial, that we live in a 3D material world, where we need to feed ourselves, dress ourselves and take care of ourselves and our families and for this, we need money.


In an ideal world, just the exchange of creative value will be enough but someone long time ago created money as a tool to exchange value.


Let me tell you this my friend, the money you have is the money YOU ALLOW YOURSELF TO HAVE.


Yes, I know, it may sound brutal in this moment, but this is how it works.


So the reason that lies beneath the fact that you are not being paid enough money for your services and products is because you feel guilty to ask for that money, the one you should deserve, and you know why? Because you feel you don’t deserve it.  Period.


When we are in the creative flow, we often don’t see clearly the enormous amount of value we are giving with our creation, so for this, in order to gain clarity and after being able to ask the money you deserve for it, I recommend you to do this exercise:


Write a list of all the problems you are solving to your client or customer with your product and or service.


If you are solving more than one, then you should definitively ask the money you deserve my friend.


Remember that guilt comes from fear, and creation from love, so if you are giving out of love, then do not be afraid to ask for love back, in the form of abundance, wealth or money, however you wish to call it.



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What is professional success for you?


Today my friends, I would like to ask you to share with me your own personal definition of success.


What does professional success mean for you?


I’ve noticed as years pass by that it changes completely based on experience and age.


For example, when I was a junior designer in the fashion industry, success for me was to work as a senior designer for Dries Van Noten.


But then I decided that success was to open my consultancy business.


Today, after 10 years of having a business, professional success has become a wider concept that involves freedom of choice and financial stability.


Something that I have learned is that we tend to create a false illusion of success by following what society tells us success is, we make their own concept of success as ours instead of going within and understanding what is YOUR own personal definition of success.


So today I encourage you my friend to think about it and to decide what professional success means for you, focus on the big aspect of it, do not go for the details or how to achieve that, the universe will figure this out for you, believe me.


A lot of light and love from the pool on the amazing villa in Florence where today, a Wednesday morning, I am writing this post for you.


Yes my friend, success is possible for all of us and I wish it to you with all my heart.



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Are you connected or disconnected from the fashion industry?


June is one of those “fashion months” as many people call them…


We have shows, trade shows, events, sales campaigns, there is a lot happening because of the launch of collections.


Last week there was a big show in Florence where I live, one of the most relevant of the industry and I had the opportunity to observe dynamics and interactions.


As you already know my friend, my goal is to develop as much material as possible to support professionals in the fashion industry so every time there is a gathering, for me it is important to analyze how people react to environments.


As I am in the fashion industry since already 20 years, I see people running up and down in a very hectic way, from shows to events, to business appointments and so on.


We run, run and run, fighting with a calendar that concentrates all in one week, or one month.


It is simply crazy and insane. And we all know this and we all allow this.


But what I noticed specially is that we were all disconnected. Yes, simply disconnected.


We act in autopilot mode. Like if we had a sort of programme set and we simply “know” what we have to do, and where we have to go but without any intention at all.


Dragging ourselves from one point to another.


Disconnected from what we truly are doing.


Now why is this? Why we are often operating from inertia in the fashion industry?


Simple, because what we are truly disconnected from is ourselves.


If we are not in connection with what our true desires are, then we can not appreciate or connect with anything external to us, no job, no family and friends, no anything!


I was very much aware this month of how many people in the fashion industry are in constant “lack” mode, disconnected from what their true essence is, and as a result not living their life and their careers to the fullest.


This is a simple post in a blog my friend, and there is so much to be said regarding this concept as I truly believe it is crucial to support us first to support  best the industry we have created, but today I felt the urge to discuss this with you, and for today all I ask you is to reflect about this by creating an internal dialogue with yourself and try to be as much honest as possible, I know it will be difficult, been there… but once you gain clarity, the positive shift will  start to happen… I promise.






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This time, I need your advice...


As I learned years ago, the universal principle that there are actually 2 main emotions from where all the rest comes from: Love & Fear, I understood how taking action or deciding either from one or another may cause a very different cause / effect in your life.


In this stage of my career I am facing a lot of decision making, changing old structures to create space for the new and exciting paths arising.


As much as I see all this as a blessing (remember ALL that happens in our life, even the most tragic events are always for our higher good!) I am struggling  with self-doubt like everyone else.


Love is expansive, this is the core of it, and all it can happen when you make decisions from love, from a loving state, is to expand abundance in your life.


Fear does the opposite, fear contracts, and squeezes, and suffocates.


Now when it comes to big decisions, fear plays an important role, why? Because fear is designed inside of us to protect us, it is a primordial defense mechanism that in some cases is useful, for instance it avoids you to put yourself into a risky situation.


But when we talk about career shifts for example, most of the time, fear will only harm us, so it  is the state of love and fluidity what we need to allow in order to make sure we are making the right decision.


Let me explain you this better with a personal example, same as I’ve been doing in all of my articles I share my experiences to help you understand better these concepts and avoid to make my mistakes :)


For instance, after the success my book is having now I am facing a big decision. I need to sign partnerships to be able to deliver the book in all those countries where people are requesting it but with my actual distribution I am not able to deliver to.


So the obvious decision would be to sign with a big publisher that has a good distribution channel.


This will be the easiest way, but there is a problem. Every publisher wants to review the book and in most cases make it a more “commercial one“ which will damage the core and value of it and the message that is the success of the same…


So fear tells me to go to the publisher decision because by doing so it will take away so much work from my shoulders and will simplify things for me.


Making this decision would come from fear, the fear of not wanting to handle the unknown of the book distribution.


But the book was done and written  from love, and it is an unconventional message, and so I am aware every channel and path for this book will always be unconventional as we are pioneers and opening new doors in this fashion industry that are so needed...


If I choose love as the main motivator in my decision regarding the distribution of the book, I would look to partner with many smaller publishers around the world that understand the message and maybe, why not, create my own publishing house so to give in the future the possibility to more people like me to share unconventional messages to the world...


At first, this will be more difficult, more work more struggles but as it will come from love, from the only need to help and support the fashion industry in an honest way with this message, then there is just one outcome possible: expansion.


Today my friends, I want to share this “unconventional” post with you, which is a bit a spiritual tip and also a question to you, how do you suggest I should proceed?


I would love to have your feedback and your answers, as you are an important part of this adventure I decided to undertake a year ago.


Sending you love and light,




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Being in a limbo in reality means moving forward


I am sure you have experienced this, my friend.


At least once in our lives we all pass through those periods of time when you feel you are stagnant and blocked.


If you work in a such demanding and rushing industry such as the fashion one, these times create a lot of frustration.


You want things to change, you work for things to change, you run and rush and still… nothing happens.


You may wait for answers, calls, confirmations or other external validations to your actions but it seems like the world literally does not see you.


I have experienced myself this many times, specially when big life changes are about to happen.


When I am closing phases and chapters of my life and about to open new ones, big ones, there is a period of void, stillness that occurs.


This is what I call “the Sweet Darkness”.


I do not remember if I’ve read it somewhere or heard it somewhere, but it is the name spiritual practice gives to a period of time where nothing seems to be happening but in reality ALL is happening.


Now, I know what you are thinking, “what Farah?”.


Let me explain you better, my friend, when you place your order to the Universe, to God, to nature, to the light,  whatever you believe in, about something that you really want to achieve and you have also worked and taken action into that direction but still you are not manifesting it and it is not visible or happening in your 3D reality, during this “nothing is happening” period of time, the most important things are happening and it is called ALIGNMENT.


Yes, Alignment.


All the external, magnetic forces, life forces that hold the magic of life, reality and the universal laws that God has created  are putting themselves in alignment to give you what you ask for.


It is not enough for you to be in alignment, it is also necessary for the external energies to be in alignment.


So this period, when you SEE  that nothing is yet manifesting but you FEEL that it is coming, what is happening my friend is that in another energetic level, it is shaping up for you.


And soon, when all the external circumstances are also aligned, then you will finally see it appearing in front of you in your 3D Reality.


This applies to all those things we get so frustrated about when we want them and work for them so hard and take long to manifest, it could be in all areas of your life, professionally or personally but in all cases, this “in between”  space is called the Sweet Darkness and it is teaching you the art of patience and the awareness that we belong to a bigger and magnificent structure that creates, develops and delivers JUST when the perfect alignment happens.


So same as those quotes of Pinterest say my friend, you have to trust the timing of the Universe!



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My personal concept of spirituality


I took this picture last summer when on a vacation in Puglia.


In that beautiful place, every afternoon the sun hit the angles and the walls of the buildings creating a magical effect of light and shadows.


One day I was staring at it, watching how the light expanded, little by little, clearing all the corners and the hidden angles where the shadows lied…


In that moment I thought: “this is what spirituality means to me…”.


Now that I fully embrace my purpose of bringing spirituality and its practice into the fashion industry, I get to be asked more and more what is spirituality for me and of course I always start with the obvious answer that the dictionary gives as I believe we need to start with the basis of the concept… but the more I move forward in this amazing path, the more I understand that I shouldn’t be afraid to say out loud what it means to me…


Spirituality for me is light.


Simple yet powerful as this.


Because same as light, spiritual practice connects you with the truth, it shows you what really lies under the shadows of yourself, it shows you the way and the road to the source of all creation.


It is a beautiful self discovery of all that is holy inside of you. And differently from religion, it shows you that the light is always inside of you and not outside of you.


The answer is inwards, always.


It brings understanding, awareness and mindfulness, as it lights your inner self.


Like a candle on a darkness night, it clears the fear so you won’t feel alone anymore.


Same as light, it can not be hold, it can be covered yes, but it will always be there when you will decide to uncover it.



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Why we compare with others?


Same as procrastination is fear, comparison comes from fear as well.


Not directly but indirectly as it comes from the deep inner need of external validation.


I was reflecting on this the other day, why we constantly compare to others, it is true that we are social animals and same as we are, we need to mirror ourselves so to grow and evolve, saying this, the need to compare ourselves is a different thing.


By comparing ourselves to others we judge: others and ourselves.


And it is through this nonsense of judgement that we get lost, we forget ourselves and by default we lose balance.


To me, every time I fail into the trap of comparison I lose center, I disconnect from myself and I start fearing that I am not good enough.


But specially now that I’ve started this path of public speaking as a vehicle to share my message with my industry, sometimes and mostly because of social media platforms I compare myself  to others, it is inevitable, and as a woman, comparison goes beyond “what I say”, it also goes to “how I say it or how I look”…


But as per everyting in my life, spirituality and its practice helps me to be grounded, to remember who I am, and that as everyone else in this world I am unique and no-one can be me same as I can not be anybody else.


It is so simple to get lost or out of track, and it takes often so much effort to be aligned, that I’ve learnt it is also important to embrace those shadows of ourselves, if we tend to judge, to compare or to procrastinate, we all know that comes from fear, and fear is our ego, which again, is part of ourselves.


To embrace our ego, not to fight it, but to know it is part of us, will lead us to understand us more as a whole, and to love ourselves more, and it is through being as much as possible into a state of love that we evolve and are in alignment with life and the universe.


This in the end is what we actually came here to do, evolve and be aligned through love.


So next time you feel the need to compare yourself, please reflect on this, do not fight it, simply embrace it and then go back to your natural state of being. Which is love.


It will be beneficial to you and others, my friend.



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The difference between a trend, a calling and a purpose


Reflecting the other day about the new services I am providing after the book was launched, I came with the awareness of how different is to build an idea, product or service based on a trend, a purpose or a calling.


If you create something trend-based it may be strong and work fast business-wise but it will not last. So as entrepreneurs we are often aware about the importance of creating from purpose. We have always “the big reason why” prior that service or product we launched.


But I know my friends, that this is not enough.


Yes, it is not enough.


Don’t get me wrong, a purpose is a great thing, but it comes from a place of “have to”. When you focus on your big reason why, you know there is something you can solve, evolve or create with your business that will be beneficial for your clients.


And again, this is a great thing.


But today I am asking you to reflect on this: the calling.


If you are one of my readers then you are a spiritual person, and even one of my Fashion Light Workers!


So I know I can share this with you.


The difference between a purpose and a calling is that the first one comes from the head and the logic and sometimes also from the heart, the second one comes from the spirit.


The calling is a bigger thing. It is a fire you have inside that pushes you and helps you to move mountains.


The calling is given to you from the Universe, in the form of an idea, a product, or a service.


When you build your company based on the calling, then your business partner and your bank is the Universe, and the products and services you are building are good for you and your clients, yes, but also good for the world.


You’ve been asked to help the world evolve and grow and leave it a better place. And this is the greatest service or product you can build.


So today I am encouraging you to reflect on your calling, what is it?


We all have one my friend, go ahead and find yours… and if you want I am here to help you.




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Are we really ready for a change in the fashion industry?


My friends, I hope your 2019 will be an amazing year of positive transformation!


As you know, we start already with tight and crazy calendars in the fashion industry, as January is already a month full of fashion weeks, trade shows and events.


Same as many of us, I use the Christmas holidays to rest, take care of myself and my loved ones and recharge my energy.


I’ve been reading, journaling and meditating, doing all my spiritual practice support to make sure I start the year and the new fashion calendar cycle with the levels of energy required.


While I was doing all this work, a question strongly resonated inside me: are we ready for the changes society is currently and strongly requesting in the fashion industry?


As I suppose many of you have read, 2018 was a year full of awakening, news and transparency, lots of unhealthy behaviours that were hiding during decades came into light, and the reason of this is that we live in a world where we have more and more access to information, so transparency is mandatory! And so the fashion industry starts to realize this and to learn it in a tough way in 2018.


But is the industry really ready to accept transparency, ethics and sustainability? And I am not talking just from the product point of view.


My personal answer to this is: it depends, are you really ready for it?


Because that is the real question…


If you are reading this post, most probably you work in the fashion industry.


So I invite you to reflect for a second and ask yourself this question, are you ready to step out and embrace and implement positive changes? Because it all starts first with US and our personal choices in this industry.


As professionals, consumers or simply lovers of this industry, our choices have a huge impact.


The problem is that we often think we don't. And we excuse ourselves hiding behind a group or the abstract concept of “THE INDUSTRY” pretending we are not part of it, and so part of the problem and the solution as well.


You know I am a big fan of personal empowerment and free will, I am a true believer that it all starts from us, from within, and that one simple unique and small positive action may become a huge impact in the world.


So let's make it, let's commit that our action will lead to a positive change in the fashion industry in this expansive and abundant 2019.




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Financial stability is achieved when you pay yourself first…


I’ve just finished to do yoga and this concept came so clear into my mind that I dropped out of the yoga mat and right into my computer to write!


Like every human on Earth, I have had my highs and lows when it comes to financial matters, first as an employee ad then as a business owner.


In the last years I have learnt so much about the financial universal laws, the fact that money is energy, an exchange of value and how it is connected to how you value yourself and some other important concepts that I will share with you soon as I am writing a full chapter about this in my second book!  :)


But there is one mandatory thing we need to be aware and implement when it comes to achieving financial stability and it is the concept of paying yourself first…


You know they say “you can not give from an empty vase”…


Let me explain you this better, for years I paid “others” first, banks, suppliers, government, clients… all.


Leaving myself, my needs, often times uncovered which created in me a lack mentality thinking there is NEVER ENOUGH money, and you know what I often say, where you put the focus it expands, so I attracted more of that, LACK.


If you pay yourself first which means, paying your needs: rent, groceries, wants and THEN all the rest, you are taking care of yourself by giving self-love and worthiness, you are saying to yourself “hey, you deserve it” and then you are creating an abundance mindset as you are seeing ENOUGH everywhere!


I know sometimes it is hard to do this, as business owners you may have months where you need to pay taxes and suppliers and many other things, I am not saying not to do it, but make sure you cover yourself and your needs first.


In this society we tend to give priority to others and external situations rather than opposite which is us!


And this my friends will lead in just one thing: struggle.


Pay yourself first, always, make sure your food, your rent, your health and your emotional needs are covered and you will achieve financial stability, money will flow to you quickly and easy.





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