I know I’ve been writing lots about relationships lately, friends, family and partners…


But the reason is that I realized a few weeks ago how important is the environment we are in and the people we choose to have in our life.


For years I’ve been allowing others to condition my life, emotions and feelings simply because I did not allow to empower myself.


Our actions are conditioned by the ones that surround us. And this is a fact.


Maybe not all of them but most of them.


We vibrate, feel emotions and think based on the reactions of others.


And this is wrong.


Now it is clear that happiness and balance should come from within, not from outside.


But let’s face it, we are humans and we need to be part of societies, we need groups to belong to.


I found the other day this anonymous quote, very simple yet clear: “in life you realize there is a role for everyone you meet. Some are here to teach you, some to hurt you, some will use you and some will love you, but the most important ones are the ones who bring out the best in you, these are rare to find and the ones that remind your worth”.


How important is this? Very.


We often forget to cultivate our inner circle, to nurture it, to clean it and to evolve it.


Because having people around you that make you feel less than what you are is going to condition your decisions which include your actions.


And this is not beneficial to anyone, neither to you or the world.


So please pay attention to who you include in your life, who you give space, who you love, who you care about.


Protect yourself, your energy and you will react in a more positive way, and yes this will be good for the world as well.

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