And make sure this includes time for yourself.

What type of lifestyle you think belongs to you? Is it built based on your work? Or your personal life?

What is that thing you give priority to that dictates the type of life you are living?

Please make sure you individuate what it is, most of the time we are not fully aware of what we build our life around of.

Life is made by equal and balanced pieces of many areas: your profession or business, your family and loved ones, and your self-care.

What you put at the top of the list is your choice, but at least give to each part equal space.

A year ago I decided to build what I like to call a “Lifestyle Nomad Business”, in my list at the moment this is the top one, but by developing this eclectic business formula I am able to give space also to my self- development and personal life. A sort of business that will function without me having to be present all the time.

It takes hope, courage, passion and a lot of daily effort but I know I will soon achieve my goal.

And it all started with the ambition of creating the type of lifestyle I always dreamt about which for me includes the precious gems of real abundance: time and freedom.

Now your turn… define yours and create the first step to it.

Sit in front of a notebook and allow yourself to run free with your thoughts and write how your perfect life should look like… yours, not the one that others suggest you should have.

Once you have clarified these goals on paper then take the first step into that direction.

Your focus and intention will give you results soon.

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