In this blog I thought I was going to write mainly about the industry I work in: Fashion.

But looking back to what I have written so far, I realize I’ve been writing a lot about life and personal development… must be that I am getting old ? Maybe 🙂

The core and meaning of this blog is to share my experiences so they can serve and help others.

Experiences in the fashion industry of course but also the ones of life itself which are priorities.

I often say that where we work in is a result of what we are in that moment. And what we are in that moment is what we think.

Therefore I allow myself to share something I’ve been experiencing in the last year, something I’ve read a lot about, something I was skeptical at first: the huge power of positive thoughts.

It is known (hope already) that our thoughts create our reality.

I’ve started to investigate this concept further and all I’ve found is a powerful simple logic: if you think positive you bring positivity to your life which translated means abundance in all shapes and forms.

Ok, I said, this is simple and clear, but does it work?

So I’ve begun to apply it in my every day living.

It wasn’t easy, still it is not.

Because as humans we tend to confuse ourselves by seeing all may be  wrong in any situation, it’s part of our nature, our brain is wired to survive, so this is what it does. Surviving mode all the time, even if it is not necessary.

But I manage to raise the level of positive thoughts day by day, week by week and month by month and….

It works…

You become a magnet for positive things…

People, things, situations.

It is almost like magic, incredible. Shocking.

Please do not think that struggle or what we call problems do not appear time to time, yes they do as well, but with a positive mind-set you also learn to understand which are real problems from which are just complications with many solutions.

You learn to see opportunities in everything, also in difficult times, and they become that: opportunities.

Life gives us all the time tools to be happy, it is always our choice, and by doing it, by focusing on the positive, all becomes that.

And you literally live in a parallel world where all is possible, of course, in a positive way.

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