I haven’t had time to post on the blog in the past weeks.


As some of you may know, I launched a book a couple of weeks ago and it’s been crazy and busy days since then!


All this amazing experience makes me reflect on what my own personal definition of success is, which has nothing to do with the interviews on the press that I got, or the great sales of the book, but it has more to do with having the freedom of writing a book.


Freedom, yes, this is my personal definition of success.


Having the freedom of doing the projects I want to create, and having the time and the resources to do them.


All the rest, what we call the “social success” which is notoriety, money, applauses, are just a result of success, not success itself.


I considered myself a successful person long before all the above was becoming a reality.


I felt successful already when I created my consultancy business almost 9 years ago, when I was able to work in the projects I wanted to, and when I had the freedom to travel all around the world exploring new cultures, places and connecting with amazing people.


Freedom is such a precious thing, we often forget that in some places in the world, many times not that far away, there are people that do not  have freedom of action, expression, or freedom itself.


I suppose my friends, that today from an external eye, I have achieved the social success, but again, I felt successful years ago, and this is what drove me to this point.


Feel it, believe it and then you will see it.


My advice today is that  you create your own personal definition of success, and embrace it, own it and become it. Without external judgement. Feel the successful person you have always been.




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