Creating feeds my soul.

I suppose this applies to all people in creative industries.

When it comes to building ideas, time and the world around disappear. You enter what  people call “a state of flow”. A state when you focus just on the moment and in the process of creation.

But what happens when you have to “create” on demand?

When you have to build ideas on a specific “due date” under the pressure of an assignment, or just because you are being paid for this? Frustration.

A creative thinker “plays” when creates, so how to play on demand?

I’ll tell you a secret: use the creative process as a therapy.

Yes. It is that simple.

When you are in the process just focus on what you want to build, that idea, that product, or that service. Just focus on the reward of having fun while doing it. Nothing else.

Commit 100% with the process, not with the result.

Trust me.

When I am writing, or building a project, I focus on what I want to do, I forget about my client, the result or any other expectation that may be part of it.

When you do that, you allow yourself to flow, and it is here when the magic happens.

If you focus on the result, first, no matter what it is, you will limit yourself by the requests. And the quality of the project will be affected by this.

Creating should be about “free thinking”, you should let your right side of the brain do the magic.

Analysis will put together the pieces after.

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