Whatever comes to your mind.


But please do something different today.


I came with this idea a few days ago, that I want to share with you after a quote I read about the fact that most of our struggles or difficulties come because  we do the same things in the same way.  We are animals of habits, isn’t it?


But we know that in order to achieve results we need to first try different ways of doing things, there is always a trial-and-error thing that needs to happen before success arrives.


Doing stuff differently not only allows you to explore different aspects of yourself but also it allows you to stretch your fears and improve your limiting points.


Methodology is a great thing but needs to evolve and change, as we grow and change as well.


If you have a way to write or read or create, try something slightly different today and see where this change leads to.


Of course avoid touching bulletproof methodology that helps you achieve results, but you do have for sure areas of improvement specially when it comes to your business of work that you’ve being trying to work out and hasn’t give you any good result, if there is, please try different ways of doing it today.


Just fools avoid the change, as they are convinced they have figured out everything in life, truth is that we don’t, as humans we are constantly learning, so try to learn something different today!



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