What to do when you disappoint yourself?

Lately I’ve realized that writing has become a sort of therapy.

I’ve started to write the blog, to give more content to my students in first place.

But the more I move forward, I have noticed that every time I am facing an issue of any kind, it may be professional or personal, if I write about it, it heals somehow.

Like many of us during these holidays, I started cleaning documents, files, mails and photos.

I found some folders with pictures of my travels since 2010.

And I was very disappointed of what I saw.

I did not recognize myself.

The pictures help me to see a physical evolution in my body, and the weight I have gained, specially in the last 5 years.

I have never been a super thin girl, but definitely never been overweight.

And it is normal with age to gain some pounds, but not in an excessive way, as I have.

What disappoints me is not the esthetic factor, what society or people think has never bothered me, I suppose I am confident from that point of view, no, what shocks me is what lies behind gaining so much weight: not  taking care of  myself.

So I felt disappointed with myself. Because I treated my body and mind unhealthy.

It is not the case to be hard on you if one day you realize you’ve been treating yourself with a bad behaviour, maybe, this unhealthy way of living was what I needed back then. But if today I have noticed it, it means that no longer belongs.

I read from an article of T.Harv Ecker, that every new year, it is important to just choose ONE New Year’s resolution, as it is the only way we can accomplish it.

I decide mine is going to be my health: both physical as well as mental.

I will focus on taking care of myself.

So by doing this, I will be able to help others as well.

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