This means to basically stop procrastinating and take action!

How many times do we obsess with perfection?

How many times do we tell stories to ourselves before starting projects saying that “I will start when….”?

Often we focus on the details, specially when it comes to projects, and not in the full picture.

I’ve been procrastinating for too long projects I dreamt about during years, because my mind kept finding excuses about what “I need to do or have ” before I started to hide projects.

True is that we will never be ready until we choose to take action.

We don’t need to see the full stairs, we just need to see the first step.

We need to recall to the full picture and leave details by later, it is ok to start wrong, but it is mandatory to start!!!

When it comes to perfection, we all know it is a concept, perfection does not really exist. It is an illusion that we create because of our need of control and our fear of failure.

But as I always say, it is through failure that we learn not through success so it is mandatory in projects to trial and error!

So next time you have a dream or a project, jump to it! Do not obsess with the details, recall to the full picture and everything will be alright.

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