Common in fashion is to be rejected.

You may be rejected for your ideas, the way you present yourself, simply the way you think.

Rejection begins in the early stages of your career, when you are a student.

Your project and the feasibility of their execution may be put into discussion.

Like in everything in life, external factors are always out of your control, and this involves how people see things and how they react to them.

This is a fact.

And you learn this, again, in the very early stages of any career.

For years I thought that rejection in the fashion industry was something “evil”.

Something those insecure people  do  just for the heck of doing so, without objectiveness.

Simply wrong.

But rejection may be useful as well. Why?

You learn from it.

You learn what you have to improve, and most important, you learn to filter things.

And this, is the best learning of all.

Not to be affected by others’ perception of things.

I recently found myself dealing with a project not fully related to fashion.

I met people from this related sector, and was surprised to see how sensitive they get with rejection.

Then, I was aware of the huge training I had in my fashion career.

When you are rejected constantly since day one. And therefore you learn to divide personal taste and bad attitude from objective behaviour.

The world is beautiful because is big, abundant and different. There is space for all the esthetic and ideas that every one of us can produce and create.

You will be rejected from some as much as loved from others.

Rejection can be a strength for you if you decide to switch it from something negative to something positive.

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