My dear friends, we are already on Issue #04 and on the second month of this wonderful 2020 ….and what we are going to do? NOTHING!

Yes, indeed, nothing.

I felt it was important to leave a month to rest, so to digest all the work we have done so far: gaining clarity on why you choose this industry, questioning yourself about where you are currently standing, and re-discovering your talents and skills….

All this amazing work deserves a moment for you, a moment to nurture your self…
And we got inspiration from the wonderful book: “The Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.This book has been a beautiful inner-peace and discovering tool for many generations, so I encourage you to read it again in case you have and if not to do so.Please go through all the resources/pages of the platform to understand more about the concept of resting and why and how you should do this on cyclic bases.
So enjoy your resting time my friend, 

Thank you always,

Farah Liz 

Stay tuned!
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