Yes, I know, usually it is the other way round…

But today I want to share with you this version.

I know many of you feel the same.

You are in what society “supposes” is a young range of age, but deep inside you feel old.

Have you ever wondered why is that? Why we feel so much ahead mentally compared to our biological age?

Experiences. And heavy ones.

It does not matter your chronological age.

What changes your mind-set and your perception of all are the experiences you accumulate in life.

Some people have done more life-changing experiences in 5 years than others in 20.

It signs you, touches you, changes you and often drains you.

Experiences, the bad and the good ones are here to make you grow.

A simple concept. Growing…

But I often question myself this, is it a positive thing to grow too much and too fast? Is it healthy?

I have lately been thinking not.

Moving too fast in the speed of life may put you offset.

The so called burnout.

And feeling that you have seen so much, done so much, known so much, can make you lose the freshness of a “naif” sight.

If you feel like me, you will wonder many times “where is my inner child gone”? And the trouble of this is that we forget to play.

Life should be joy, among all, among pain, and growth.

Let’s not lose the focus on this.

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