I was speaking with a friend about this yesterday…

How often we simply do not listen to ourselves, we miss the signs.

And if we make choices avoiding this acknowledgement is when the big problems come…

The biggest mistakes I had made with my business came when I simply avoided to hear that little voice inside warning me what I was about to do.

Now we doubt many times about hearing that voice as it may be our ego talking, our mind trying to keep us safe.

But when that voice is your intuition it never, never comes alone.

It always comes together with thousands of signs.

The problem is that we also miss those.

Signs are everywhere.

If we have a head full of preoccupations, we do not see them.

But they are everywhere.

Where do they come from? Well, it depends on what you believe in.

Call it angels, call it God, call it universe, call it your soul.

But a fact is that they are there for you to see and guide you.

How many times you are about to take a wrong decision and you change mind last minute because of a message you receive, a quote in a book, a word someone else says that resonates with you… the list is huge…

What I can tell you for sure, is that every single time I choose to turn off the external noise, and listen to my signs, meditate on them and make a decision accordingly, my business grew 10-fold.

Try it, it won’t harm, believe me.

What signs are you noticing lately?

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