I suppose it must be also an age factor.

The more mature you get the more you realize that being reactive to situations does not bring you  anywhere.

Even if you are  right  about an argument, let’s say.

I learnt years ago to apologize, and this has simplified my life a lot.

We are all humans, we make mistakes and we all have the right to do so.

To apologize does not mean to be weak, in fact, it takes a lot of courage to do so .

Specially in this fashion industry where there are people that have the constant need to show their power by overcoming others instead of doing it so by showing their humanity and their skills.

There is a need to appear that makes people more and more frustrated, and aggressive.

To apologize helps you to define your character.

It helps you to be open to other people perspectives about a situation, this gives you knowledge  and experience.

If you find yourself  with the need to be right even if you know this will create a bigger problem that the one you are facing, this is ego.

Instead of making things complicated, go one step back, overview the whole situation, and be honest with yourself, you may find that it was in part you to create the problem.

If it is the case to apologize, do so. Say it.

It will be beneficial to you and others.

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