And this is the sad side of it my friends.


To hold on means to not evolve and move forward.


Now we know that as humans beings this is what we all came to do, evolve and grow.


But why do we often obsess to hold on to things?


I’ve figured out by personal experiences that it is not just because we have fear of change, or of the unknown, which is pretty normal, but in addition to this, we hold on because we simply believe we do not have alternatives.


Yes, we live in the so called “lack mentality”.


We hold on to that job, that partner, that city, that situation, whatever it is because we avoid to see over things and zoom out.


We avoid to see over our horizon and to realize the millions of alternatives we have.


For every so called “problem” in reality we have at least a dozen of solutions or alternatives.


Today I am sharing this with you to give you this advice: when you believe there is nothing else outside from the situation you have created, do not focus on THAT person, job, project, house, city or whatever you are holding on as a life board, but rather ask yourself:


“How many alternatives I can find?”


Your brain will give you hundreds of solutions you never thought you may have, not even in your best dreams.


We have an amazing gift between our ears, our brain!


If you push it to find solutions it will. If you ask it to find alternatives, it will.


It is at your service, remember? So use it!


After this, you will have half of the job done, the rest will consist in action and overcoming your fears, and I will give you a solution for this in the following post as well. 🙂

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