Want to know how the need of control affects your finances and success?


Blocking them.


Controlling things or trying to do it “holds” the energy of things by not letting them in and out of your life and by now we all know energy is fluid and this is why it needs to flow, you can’t hold on to it.


The need of controlling things comes from the mind and the illusion of having everything figured out and remember the mind is our ego.


There is actually nothing we can control in life, nothing is really under our control. Planning is one thing, controlling is something different.


Control comes from fear and all that is fear-based comes from lack while letting things flow comes from abundance, from the deep awareness that we are enough and all around us is abundance itself.


I personally have experienced both states, and when I obsess myself with controlling my business and the income I make, punctually I block things, both success and money.


Suddenly there are delays in answers, and unexpected payments pop up!


When I learn to commit with the project or idea and delegate to the universe the result, I punctually experience successful results tenfold! Both in the form of notoriety and money.


My advice today is very simple, commit to the project and let go the need of control to the result, whatever the result will be it is the one meant to be, you will see how abundance flows to you.


Let me know your experiences on this!



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