The secret is called “passive income”.

Let me explain you better this.


It does not matter that you work as a freelance, employee or business owner.

One thing is to work for passion, because you want to and another because you have to.

But we all need money to live and pay the bills, right? So how do we solve this?


Simple, focus on creating a passive income!

Now you may be saying “cool Farah! But what is a passive income?”


Well it is all those situations that put money in your pocket without you being present.

To make you understand, when you receive money in your account while you are sleeping, amazing, right?

And how you do this, it is by adding assets to your belongings.

An asset is something that puts money in your pocket, for example: a house you rent, a garage you rent, a business you co-own and receive the profits for it, an online store you sell your products on, stocking market etc etc.


It is not just stuff for people like Donald Trump, we all can do it!

It takes effort, yes and time of course but picture this, how you will feel regarding your job or career if you had all your monthly expenses covered by your passive income assets?

Yes, exactly ….. FREE.

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