If you are like me , then your job or profession is more than that…it is actually your passion …

This is good , but when it comes to clients it may be a trap….why? well because you will do for sure more than you agreed on a contract or agreement basis and this may become something tricky to deal with when it comes to your clients requests.

I must say that now days I am very lucky with the clients I have , I learn after almost 15 years of experience to “select” projects and clients where my services are value and recognized, but it wasn’t always like this..

There were times where I had to limit clients on their excessive requests and unreal expectations , you know what they say … “givers needs to set limits as takers wont do” .

So I want to share with you some suggestion about how to deal with it , as most likely you not always will finds respectful and correct people to work with.

First thing , you have to believe in your product , service or talent. This is mandatory , you need to be aware of your value , if you don’t do it in first hand , no one will.

Second thing, set limits, be always very clear the duties you will cover and the ones that need to be taking care by them .

Third, always be kind and friendly but in an professional way , these are your clients, not your friends.

This are just a few advice but of course there is no set formula, you need to trust your intuition and follow your experience, they will always help you to balance things.

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