I’ve recently moved to another city, and of course by default moved home as well.

I chose to live in an inspiring beautiful place.

I chose home based on esthetic, not technical matters.

Since I remember I always managed to live in beautiful places,  even when I was a student and could not afford expensive places, I always found a way to live in a unique place.

Some people may think it is a snob approach. Others may say: “you can live in beautiful places just if you can afford it”.

Well, no!

Your home or your place is your incubator. It is the place where you rest, where you recharge and after a certain age, where you pass most of your time.

If you are a freelance or have your own business, you need to add also this.

Your working hours.

I often say that we resonate with the same vibrations of what surrounds us.

And this of course includes our spaces.

To live in a place with natural light, with order, clean , that smells nice, that has plants and flowers, with objects that inspire you, has nothing to do with the fact of having lots of money or not.

It has more to do with having good taste and caring about  yourself.

All it takes is creativity and intention.

And the magic will happen.

I truly believe beauty may heal the world. When we see beauty we feel better, when we live in beauty we feel better.

A beautiful and inspiring environment will make the difference in your life, it will contribute to change your humour, which will change your emotions and your thoughts. And this will affect your relationships with others and the world.

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