This is the biggest investment you will do in your life, bigger than a home, a fancy car, a jewel or a luxury trip.

Invest in you.

A couple of years ago I thought this.

At first, due to our culture, religion, education etc it is hard to do it.

You simply fight with it because you feel guilty.

You feel that you are being selfish and narcissist.

I am Italian, and grown up in a catholic religion where since day one you’ve been taught to give, give and give to others. Constantly and no matter what.

Now giving is mandatory, and it is simply amazing to help others, it is the right thing to do.

But first, you need to give to yourself, in order to then be in the position to help others.

Do you remember what they tell you when you fly? In case there is no oxygen in the cabin, you have the oxygen mask dropping, they always say that FIRST make sure you put your mask so after you can help others to put theirs, why? Well because if you don’t breath first how can you help others breath?

Simple, right?

Same with all the rest…

But when you have been “trained” to give and not to receive, it is hard, so hard to clean all these limiting believes layers that hide within you.

So here is when “investing in yourself” is crucial.

My advice is to start doing it with small things: a yoga lesson, an online course, a book, changing that old pair of jeans and buying new ones… etc.

Until you manage to create a proper yearly investing plan.

If you are an entrepreneur like me, this is crucial, specially if you operate in a fast moving industry like fashion, where you have to constantly reinvent yourself.

There are many ways to do so, I will share some with you in my next post, so keep an eye on it!



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