Well, probably yes.

You know what they say, as long as there is a body there will always be an ego.

Let’s face it, we all have fallen into the ego trap more than once.

Years ago, I learnt not to fight ego but to embrace it. Ego is part of us, of being human.

It is necessary, we need to have conscience of it. And so also the need of filling our life with things and objects so to avoid somehow the emptiness we feel inside.

Some people buy fashion items because they want to show the wealth they have, some people buy just to consume and pile objects they will never use, some other to cover their vulnerability  with a mask. I suppose this is the obvious side of fashion.

But it is also true that fashion, like everything in life, has a bright side.

Fashion involves creativity which includes self-expression, emotions that are linked to colors, beauty that brings healing.

There is a part of the fashion industry that is more and more focusing into the abundance mindset. Brands that are embracing corporate social responsibility, ethics, and human rights.

As I said before, ego is necessary to see what we are doing wrong and it is because of all the bad aspects of this industry that a part of the fashion had the urge to create a positive development.

Every season, in every event, show, business project I see more and more a positive evolution in this industry. It is small, yes, but it is happening, and I truly believe that it is changing because WE, as humans, are evolving and changing, it is part of nature, it is part of evolution.

Again, EGO will always be a part of the fashion industry, but for sure we can redimension it.

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