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  • If you are reading this blog, you’ve been part of this community for almost a year already.

    In a very shy way I’ve been sending you resources and material every now and then, as my goal was to motivate you, support you and help you envision a positive side of the fashion industry.

    All I do and have been doing so far came from no planning at all, it all came from pure intuition, and I wish this to be always this way, but now, it is necessary to add some method to the intuitive factor.

    Yes, let me explain you why my friend.

    Today we are launching the online platform, the community/academy that combines the methodology I’ve started in the book “Fashion.Business.Spirituality” and that based on your amazing support and request I decided to go one step further and create more of it.

    For this, and in order to support you at our best, we decided to create every month resources that will develop a specific theme, something you as professionals are currently struggling with, a longing or problem you are facing professionally.

    This theme will be digested with resources that will support you in the form of posts, interviews, courses, downloads, books and videos.

    All this material will be shared with you on our platform and announced to you via a monthly newsletter as well as in our socials.

    Why we create all this? Because we believe a more ethical, positive and healthy fashion industry is possible by supporting the professionals that work and build it everyday.

    As I often say, companies are made of people, and when it comes to fashion we are a group of people creating products and services for other people.

    To take care of and support the humans, the professionals that work in this industry, it is mandatory and pivotal if we wish to make a better system and industry.

    Today this journey begins, and I am beyond happy and blessed to start this process with you! I don’t know where it will lead us to, I can only hope that it will bring YOU, my fashion professionals, a more balanced and healthy way to be part of this industry and by doing this we will be able to help improve it as well !

    Like with everything else in life, we can just see the first step in the stairway and not the whole but I am confident and full of faith that we are planting a positive seed that will develop into something greater.

    Thank you for your support,
    Farah and the FLP Team

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