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  • Welcome my friend to the issue #01 of the online platform,
    in this number we want to create an open dialogue with you to understand the “core” reasons on why you choose this industry, the fashion industry, to work in.

    If you are reading this, Probably at this point of your career, you are questioning yourself “what am I doing here?”
    Let me tell you… it is very common…
    I’ve been there, and what help me to understand my position and purpose in this system was to stop for a moment and be brutally honest with myself, questioning what where my initial motivations to be part of an industry that at one point we all hate and love.

    Ones more, spiritual practice can be a support here:

    Take a piece of paper and a pen, and find a quiet and relaxing place, close your eyes and take 5 deep breathe and write at least 5 things that drove you into the choice of this industry Instead of other.
    This technique is in part journaling and part “inner-self” alignment.
    For example, maybe is because you want it to become a designer, but question yourself, WHY you choose to be a fashion designer and not a product designer for example?
    At this stage and in order to avoid frustration lead our professional career, we need to understand WHY FASHION?

    Remember that our career does not happens randomly, it is a result of our choices, and to improve it into a positive direction, we need to be fully conscious and aware of what emotions and thoughts push us into the decision making.
    My main choice for the fashion industry was the love for the craft, but as years went by and my experience grow it evolve into the love for interaction with people, it was not about me doing the craft but supporting amazing creative professionals that where developing the craft.

    To have a healthy relationship with your professional career it is important that you evaluate it in every stage you are, and always remember your values and emotions that move you to be part of the fashion industry on the first place.
    In this month issue we developed for you a workbook you can download in the “a present for you section” I encourage you to use it as a support to gain clarity and awareness.

    Thank you always,
    Farah Liz

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