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  • As I write this post I realize how times flies by! It’s been already 3 months that our online platform is alive, and we are so happy about all the amazing feedback we are receiving, so please keep on sending us love: it’s an encouragement that helps us to move forward!

    As you have read already, this month Issue#02 is titled: “Realignment for fashion professionals: Our cardinal points” what does this means?

    All, following Issue#01 theme that opens an internal dialogue of why you choose fashion as an industry to develop your professional path, we thought to go deep and analyze the main areas that sustain your life and do a check up on how much time, energy and resources you are giving to each one.

    These, my friends, are what I call “your cardinal points”: those pillars that help you be in balance as an individual.

    Under each area or category, there are many others, so in the workbook you will see how to navigate them with a better understanding.

    But before running we need to start walking, right, so this is why in this issue we wish to start with the most relevant ones and help you understand why they are so important and why it is so important to have them ALL in balance.

    Now sometimes this is not possible, you will have periods in your life were some areas will request more time an energy form others, and this is perfectly fine, but it is so important that you do not forget them and keep them alive always, even in a small percentage.

    This exercise of the cardinal points came to me from my Shamanic studies, I decided to create something for fashion professionals’ life-work balance from the powerful concept of the wheel of four directions in shamanic spiritual practices.

    As you know, we have North-west-east and south, and the same as the compass gives us the direction when we are lost, or we need to go somewhere, the cardinal points will help you to understand, first where you are standing and then where to go professionally.

    Remember we are part of life, and many times the answer to our dramas is under what life sustains: if we need professional direction, then why not apply life’s wheel of four directions?

    Same as we did in the previous issue, I recommend you to see the lecture first on Farah’s lecture section and then read the post on the blog to finally work on the free download workbook.

    Remember we are here to support you!

    As always, thank you.
    Farah Liz

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