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  • Purpose…… a word that often when we are in the midst of “professional fog and uncertainty” we see as a big monster that chases us…

    I’ve been there my friends.

    But please do not be afraid of finding what is your purpose in life, what are you “designed“ to do in life.

    We all have a purpose, a call a mission, as a matter of fact, we may have many! And they may evolve as you do during this beautiful game called life.

    In this issue #03, we wish to help you and support you to find your purpose in fashion, we are going to be specific here, as this community is created to support fashion professionals and other creative thinkers to achieve balance and well-being in their careers and well as in life.

    Why our purpose is so important if we choose creative industries? Well, because passion is definitively one of our main drivers for the career path we wish to intake.

    During all the years I’ve been teaching, I figure out that in order to find your purpose, your element your professional temple and career fulfillment, often it is crucial to start by individuating your talents and skills . This is what I call the “self-discovery“ process applied to your professional development.

    Now, we need to first understand the difference between your talents and skills:

    Talents are those things you are naturally good at, what your friends and family ask you help with!

    Skill is something you can learn.

    Now, the problem is that sometimes, both things are similar or even the same, and we get confused by this.

    For example, a musical talent is a way they feel and hear and process music, playing the piano or any other instrument is a skill they learn to develop further their talent.

    My goal is that you my friend, OWN who you are by achieving clarity on what your talents and skills are.

    For this, during this month I encourage you to follow all the resources we will develop in our platform and please feel free to let us know how you feel during this process, it may be weird at the beginning, your ego will try to sabotage you as remember, when we see how amazing and wonderful we are, we often feel out of our comfort zone.

    But you are not alone in this process, we are here to support you, remember?

    Thank you always, 

    Farah Liz 

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