We all know how it feels to be around people that make you feel less, unworthy or simply not yourself…


Some of these people may also be among the most important ones in your life such as family, long term friends, life partners and so on…


I’ve learnt that if we surround ourselves with people that make us feel unworthy it’s because of two main reasons:


1- We feel unworthy or not enough inside so we attract people that make us feel more of that, so unworthy

2- Or because we learnt this wrong pattern of love when we were a child


In the second case, if you received from the ones that should love you in first hand a treatment of low esteem, manipulation, aggression, or they simply ignored you and make you constantly feel that you were not enough, then your subconscious will think that those toxic behaviours are love. And so you will love and accept in your life people that give you this treatment.


I allowed in my life, for many… many years, what I call toxic people. Takers and abusers that treated me with no respect, with envy, with manipulation and abusing me with disrespectful behaviours.


But I learnt that they didn’t take my power away, I allowed them to take my power and self-esteem away. So same as I gave it to them, I can now take it back. And so I did. This my friends, gives you a lot of freedom.


You have to be willing to exclude them from your life and yes this may feel scary but by doing this you will be creating space for new positive people to come.


Always and no matter what surround yourself with people that empowers you, support you and where you can be simply yourself. This is the most powerful thing you can do for you.


Never disappoint yourself by accepting others that do not care about you.

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