When you have a strong character you often find yourself leading.

Leading groups and teams, leading situations, leading projects, also leading partners in relationships.

People feel secure and comfortable by being close to someone that shows them the “roads to follow”, that gives security and confidence.

I have always found myself leading in life.

I suppose it is in my character and my DNA.

I love to help others and to guide them by showing the solutions to problems I had in the past.

This applies to my career as well to my personal life.

Saying this, leading can be very lonely  too.

You often find yourself without a “go to person” because you ARE other’s go to person….

People sees you secure and confident and feel the energy you give, so no one questions if you feel scared, lost or sometimes in doubt.

There are many strong characters out there that know what I am talking about.

Today I met someone that has been always in the same situation, and it was a relief.

As humans we need to feel that we belong, even if  to a small or niche group of people, but it is part of our biology to do so. We need a group to relate to.

Strong people, leaders or managers need to realize that it is important to show also some vulnerability, it is the key to remind to others but also and most important to theirselves that we also are humans and need support from others.

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