And when it comes to work, double it.

Motivation is the engine of things.

Specially in projects.

It is thanks to motivation that we push life forward.

During my career I try  to stay motivated. Always.

In all the jobs as an employee and later on in all my projects as a business owner.

And when I started facing lack of motivation, then things went wrong.

We need to feel a connection with what we do, we need to feel appreciated and of course that what we are doing has a meaning. That it has sense.

It takes hard work to build ideas, to evolve them and to conclude projects, if we do not feel that all this has a sense, then there is no point to be part of it.

But we often think that motivation is an external factor, and that needs to be given to us by others.

This is the wrongest concept of it.  And it is a huge problem as well, why?

Because if we depend on others to stay motivated, there is a 50% of chances that in some cases others will bring you down instead of motivating you.

Real motivation is an inside job.

You need to find your own way to still be on track and feel enthusiastic and happy about what you are doing, and even when a job, an environment or a project turns into crap, it is your job to see the positive aspect of it.

And believe me, there is always one.

Fashion industry is a very tough one. I have said this 1000 of times.

If you master the way to still feel motivated and focus in what you do, than you will be able to survive in all situations.

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