My Dear Friends,

We are happy to present you our Merchandise collection with the amazing collaboration of the talented Clorophilla, our FLP Illustrator, and team member, you may find more about her in the FLP Team section.

As fashion Light Work and e part of our community, we wish to create some useful products for you, that represents our philosophy and mission.

For this we partner with the amazing Teemill company, a UK based sustainable printer that creates quality products with ethics and environmental support.

You may find more about their mission clicking in the link below when purchasing the

products or on their website:

Thank you always for your support and for being part of this tribe, that grows each day and creates a healthier fashion industry.

The T-Shirt

Our amazing 100% Organic Cotton White T-Shirt
For every kind of body: sizes from XS to XXL
Organic, Renewable and Responsible

21 Euro

Click here to buy the T-Shirt

The Tote Bag

Our versatile 100% Organic Cotton Natural Tote Bag
Organic, Renewable and Responsible

18 Euro

Click here to buy the Tote Bag